Notes from past refresh efforts.

README from OPS 2.0 data refresh of data sources, from ops-platform-setup github project.

At the end is a count of number of triples from each dataset.

Changes made in each data refresh (thru v1.4). From wiki. Includes sections for 1.5 and 2.0 updating, but the information does not appear to reflect any changes after v1.4 in August, 2013.

Artifactory repository of all version 2.1 RDF data files loaded into the Open PHACTS triple-store (except SureChEMBL and DataBank).

Artifactory repository of all version 2.1 Linksets.

Count of number of triples in Virtuoso from each dataset for version 2.1. November, 2016.

2013 technical paper on various aspects of datasets and linksets, with emphasis on Void dataset descriptions and predicates used in linksets.

Open PHACTS wiki page planning 2.0 Linkset refresh.

From IdentityMappingService GitHub project:

Notes from May, 2015 on updating of Linksets.

14 *.ttl files from ops-platform-setup GitHub project to load into Open PHACTS.

Q: Is this still true? Should these be loaded for version 2.2, or superceded by other files or processes?

Linkset file collections created within Open PHACTS project:

  • uniprot

Linkset file collections obtained from external organizations (or uncertain):

  • aers
  • conceptwiki
  • disgenet
  • drugbank
  • nextprot
  • wikipathways

Linkset file collections downloaded using Maven projects in GitHub.


BridgeDb page, referencing 5 locations of Linkset data.

README for the GitHub project for creating the BridgeDb Linksets.