Table of version 2.1 production Linksets provided by QueryExpander API. Click on the number in the Number of Targets column to see the list of link Targets for that Source. In that page, click on the number in the Number of Linksets column to see the entry/row for that Linkset.

Artifactory repository of all cached Linkset files for v2.1.

The load.xml file that IMS uses to load the Linksets used in v2.1

Short identifiers (max 4 chars) for the datasets that are the source and target of Linksets in IMS.

Linkset source & target System Codes

Diagram of datasets connected by Linksets (likely from version 1.5.0)

Diagram of Linksets.

A different layout, labeled as from version 1.5.0:

Diagram of Linksets, alternate layout, v1.5.0.